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RE: Yanking in isearch mode

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Yanking in isearch mode
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2010 08:40:14 -0700

> Hi Drew,
> For some reason I didn't receive your response. Kevin's 
> response clued me in that you had replied and finally read
> your post in the archives.

I used Reply All, but I believe the mail to you bounced for some reason.

> I haven't changed this variable but I checked, by default it 
> is set to true. I went ahead and changed it to nil and now my
> isearches are case insensitive.
> It seems to me having nil as the default would make more sense. e.g.
> Lets say we have some text `Variable', on copying it to the kill
> ring and doing `C-s M-y' will yank a lower cased `variable' and 
> does a case insensitive search. To go back to case sensitive, as
> per your suggestion, we can use `M-c' but the text is already 
> down-cased! So then we have to edit the text again.
> Whereas with nil as the default, doing `C-s M-y' will 
> preserve case of the yanked string. Now we can switch between
> case sensitive/insensitive with a simple `M-c'. Much more sane,
> Don't you agree?

I don't have much of an opinion about this, and my opinion does not count for
much on such things.  It is easy for a user to customize the default value.

FWIW, my personal default setting is nil (case-sensitive).  Case-sensitivity
makes sense for most of the buffers I use.  And in contexts where
case-insensitivity makes sense as the default (e.g Info), most of the time the
major mode sets the default that way (locally).

I do make use of the case-sensitivity toggle in Isearch.  And I have a similar
toggle (`C-A' aka `C-S-a') for completion (in Icicles), which I also use fairly

Using such a toggle is simple.  So is customizing the default value.

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