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Re: Open many buffers

From: Joel James Adamson
Subject: Re: Open many buffers
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 09:49:43 -0400
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On Tue, Jun 08, 2010 at 02:57:37PM -0700, Drew Adams wrote:
> > I don't see in the emacs functions anything like
> > "visit-all-the-buffers-matching-this-regexp".
> > Is there anything like this somewhere?
> Here are two possibilities:
> 1. Ibuffer: `% n rgx RET v'  where rgx is your regexp.
> `% n' marks regexp matches.  `v' visits.
> 2. Icicles: `C-x b rgx  S-TAB  C-!'  where rgx is your regexp.
> `S-TAB' regexp-completes.
> `C-!' acts on each of the completion candidates.
> The action in this case is `C-x b': visit a buffer.

Here's a third possibility: using Dired, mark according to a regexp

% m regexp RET

then open (find) those marked files using `F'.


Joel J. Adamson
Servedio Lab
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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