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Re: To get Unicode file (UTF8) with a leading byte-order-marker characte

From: Paul Chany
Subject: Re: To get Unicode file (UTF8) with a leading byte-order-marker characters?
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 10:14:48 +0200
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> On Tue, Jun 08, 2010 at 05:26:21PM +0200, Paul Chany wrote:
>> I'm using Emacs to program in Objective-C following a GNUstep Tutorial.
>> In the application that I made there is a resource file for localisation
>> (translation): Ablak.strings.
>> The file should be ASCII (using \U escapes for unicode characters) or
>> Unicode (UTF16 or UTF8) with a leading byte-order-marker.
> Note that I have no clue about GNUstep, so I might be off by a big
> amount, but -- are you sure the system wants a leading byte order mark
> with UTF-8? (strictly speaking, it's unnecesary --rather slightly
> annoying-- on UTF-8. I always thought that in entered the Unicode
> consortium via Microsoft, who always likes to play this kind of
> shenanigans on us).

> You might try without leading BOM?

Naturally, I was tried without leading BOM, but get the same error

One GNUstep developer says the following:
'GNUstep expects the .strings file to be in US-ASCII only, or any
non-ASCII characters to be escaped, or in UTF-8 with a BOM marker.
Very annoying limitation; I think it is because of OpenStep

Paul Chany
You can freely correct my English.

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