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Emacs key bindings + Putty

From: Xavier MARCELET
Subject: Emacs key bindings + Putty
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 20:13:26 +0200


I'm using emacs on a remote server on which I'm connecting via SSH either
from a native Linux console or from Windows using Putty. 
I have configured all my emacs bindings and they all work well when I'm
connecting through Linux.
My problem is that some of them don't work with Putty.

For instance, I've defined  " (global-set-key [A-down]  'end-of-buffer) "
which triggers when I'm pressing ALT+down on Linux.
When using Putty, the binding does not work.

When using describe-key function, emacs answers : 
ESC <down> (translated from ESC M-O B) is undefined

Obviously, I could add the following directive to my .emacs and it would do
the job :
(global-set-key (kbd "ESC <down>") 'end-of-buffer)

However, I'm looking for a way to "redefine" keys so that emacs translates
"ESC M-O B" to " [A-down] " instead of "ESC <down>". 
I have the same problem with the "C-x <right>" key. When using putty, emacs
translates "C-x M-[ C"  as "C-x <right>" instead of "C-x <C-right>"
How can I do that ?

Thanks for your help,


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