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Re: favorite elisp intro for experienced programmers?

From: Jason White
Subject: Re: favorite elisp intro for experienced programmers?
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 11:46:28 +1000
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Brendan Miller <> writes:

> What are people's favorite elisp tutorials, books, etc?

I'm not an experienced programmer, but not a beginner either. I have
been learning ELisp and Common Lisp together. Although there are
differences between the two languages which are sometimes quite
fundamental, similarities abound (especially if you load the cl library
in ELisp).

In particular I would recommend Practical Common Lisp,
which of the several Lisp books in my possession offers the greatest
depth of coverage other than reference works such as Common Lisp, The
Language (2nd ed.) and the Common Lisp HyperSpec, both of which I would
recommend highly to anyone thinking of exploring Common Lisp.

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