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Re: eshell - editing files

From: Richard Riley
Subject: Re: eshell - editing files
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 11:17:54 +0200
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Gary <> writes:

> This may sound like a weird question. Is there any way to configure
> eshell so that when I want to edit a file, e.g. by typing "emacs foo", I
> instead get a new buffer with the file in? It kind of popped up because
> if you do something with svn that requires editing something, I got
> ,----
> | $ svn pe svn:ignore .
> | emacs: Terminal type "dumb" is not powerful enough to run Emacs.
> | It lacks the ability to position the cursor.
> | If that is not the actual type of terminal you have,
> | use the Bourne shell command `TERM=... export TERM' (C-shell:
> | `setenv TERM ...') to specify the correct type.  It may be necessary
> | to do `unset TERMINFO' (C-shell: `unsetenv TERMINFO') as well.
> | svn: system('emacs svn-prop.tmp') returned 256
> `----

Set your EDITOR to use emacsclient.

The emacs wiki has more details.

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