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Re: Understanding Word Boundaries

From: Paul Drummond
Subject: Re: Understanding Word Boundaries
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2010 11:46:56 +0100

On 23 June 2010 10:02, Gary <> wrote:
Paul Drummond writes:
> ** Example 2
> When editing C++ files I often need to delete the "ClassName::" part when
> declaring functions in the header:
> void ClassName::function();
>        ^
> With point at the start of ClassName I want to press M-d twice to delete
> ClassName and :: but "::" isn't recognised as a word.  In Vim I just

Twice? Three times, shirley? Class and Name are both words...

Yeah, I agree about CamelCase but I wanted to keep the example simple ;)

Because it needs to be defined somewhat differently for natural
languages and different programming languages, at a guess. What a word
is depends entirely on the context you (and I) decide, and they may well
be different (see two versus three key presses above).

But each context I use has a major mode and I would expect each major mode to have sensible default word boundaries but they don't.

Paul Drummond.
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