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Re: Mako template mode

From: Andrea Crotti
Subject: Re: Mako template mode
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 08:58:22 +0200
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Lennart Borgman <> writes:
> Oh, thanks. Seems like I forgot to add a file extension. I added
> ".mako", but not ".mak" since that is used by other programs.

Well actually I don't know if ".mak" is also correct, but turbogears
looks for them so I used that extension...
> Yes, add a bug report on Launchpad so we can investigate what is wrong:

I did, if it's not clear
and complete enougg just tell me.
> That must be wrong. It is very friendly, even kid-friendly too. ;-)
> I placed some of the stuff on EmacsWiki first, but found that just led
> to more bug reports because people where using old versions. To save
> time I put everything in one package. (Some parts have been put on
> EmacsWiki later by other people.)
> In a few cases I have taken other peoples' package and put them in
> nXhtml because they are used in nXhtml (or I want to avoid trouble
> because there are several competing packages with different bugs). I
> see no better way at the moment. I have suggested a dynamic package
> handling that can ask you if you want to download a package, but there
> has so far been no interest in such a package handler. (I have such a
> package handler in nXhtml, so the code already exists, but some parts
> must be changed a little bit for more generic use. Though that is
> quite easy.)

Well I just meant that for example
- autoloading it already displays the menu (even if maybe I don't need it)
- the syntax highlighting is really too much, at least in mako-html-mumamo
  I get everything highlighted blue in background any other fancy
  highlighting and colors in the mako stuff...

For the rest is really great, those are the only problems I've seen now...

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