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Re: Is there any way to append a EasyPG encrypted file?

From: Wei-Wei Guo
Subject: Re: Is there any way to append a EasyPG encrypted file?
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2010 09:12:39 +0800
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Hi Alex,

I use GnuPG key to encrypt my 'remember' file, but EasyPG does not support
appending file.
Is there any way to append an encrypted file?

Not without decoding and re-encoding the file.

I find the following lines in the epa-file.el:

(defun epa-file-write-region (start end file &optional append visit lockname
  (if append
      (error "Can't append to the file"))

It seems easypg disable the ability intentionally. I don't know how to solve...

I suppose you could come up with some sort of scheme that would
result in a text file with a series of ASCII armored GPG blocks that can be
decoded and concatenated together when read.

I don't understand what to do. Could you say something more?

Best wishes,

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