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Re: How expansive "bzr update" for Emacs trunk?

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: Re: How expansive "bzr update" for Emacs trunk?
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2010 19:53:38 +0200
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Am 01.08.2010 13:10, schrieb Oleksandr Gavenko:
On 2010-07-31 22:20, Andreas Röhler wrote:
Am 31.07.2010 19:04, schrieb Oleksandr Gavenko:
On 2010-07-27 11:13, Tassilo Horn wrote:
Oleksandr Gavenko<> writes:

Hi Oleksandr,

I mark that "bzr update" take about 1 MiB for
"Finding Revisions" and a lot MiB
(5.5 MiB between yesterday and today).

Is really bzr so dumb that require a lot of network traffic?

Yes, accessing a bzr repository via http produces extremely much

I restricted with 3G or GPRS Internet connection.
One time a month commit I get about 5 hours
(~7 KiB/sec download speed)!

Oh, that must be really awful.

So may be good switch to ssh protocol and set compression?

Yes, it's planned to switch the Emacs repository to a smart server
ssh access. See the following tickets on savannah and the discussion:

But the latest traffic seems to be in March, so I have no clue about
current status...

Thanks for replay. A read tickets.

This ticket valuable for developer.

I need only read access

In this case you may try

git clone git://

an emacs-clone at a git-repo, updated quite often.

Should be faster.

Thanks. I try use git mirror. Also I found wiki link:

There are two other mirror links.

still 2 mirrors mirroing the mirror mentioned

Interesting that wiki state that git mirror occupy ~300 MiB.
My local bzr 2.0 repo occupy:

$ du -s -m emacs/.bzr
260 emacs/.bzr
$ du -s -m emacs/trunk/.bzr
1 emacs/trunk/.bzr

So we may be think that bzr storage more efficient.

the first looks like "about 300 MB", as emacs-wiki says, the second just like empty.

But also I sadly notice that such simple operation as
getting log or annotate for trunk files take about 15-20 seconds!

should be faster with git too

May be because large history.

My experience with Mercurial and
server side SVN with up to 30.000 commits take
less then 1-2 sec. for this operations.

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