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Re: Auto complete not starting

From: Andrea Crotti
Subject: Re: Auto complete not starting
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2010 23:14:53 +0200
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Richard Riley <> writes:
> Be more specific. What exactly doesn't work? What do you see?
> Do you also have semantic completion mechanisms enabled?
> They seem to cause havoc.
> (On that note I customised semantic in emacs 24
> to turn off global idle completion and that saved custom object crashed
> the emacs startup).

I forgot to answer, it doesn't work because it doesn't show up the menu
unless I actually use ac-start.
The configuration is this enormous thing here
But too big to have a look, it must be something really stupid.

I already tried to remove yasnippet, cedet and the various defadvice,
but it's not that...

The thing that on my actual running emacs works nicely is the most
annoying, I would like just to diff or copy to that conf...
Here btw the "ac-sources" variable in an emacs-lisp-mode buffer

(ac-source-features ac-source-functions ac-source-yasnippet
ac-source-variables ac-source-symbols ac-source-yasnippet
ac-source-imenu ac-source-abbrev ac-source-words-in-buffer
ac-source-files-in-current-dir ac-source-filename)

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