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Re: Make a "general" Emacs configuration

From: Gabriele Lanaro
Subject: Re: Make a "general" Emacs configuration
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 18:50:54 +0000

I haven't understood very well your question, anyway there's already a package manager for emacs, called ELPA,

A part from this I've found the best configuration/modularization work done in the emacs-starter-kit packages (it uses ELPA extensively).

Hope it can help a bit...

2010/8/10 Andrea Crotti <>
Joel James Adamson <> writes:

> Andrea Crotti <> writes:
>> Reading now again the doc looks like it could work exactly like that
>> anyway, but I still have some troubles understanding the submodules...
> So...what's your question?
> Joel

Yes sorry there were no real questions, I was just wondering if you had
some good advices in maintaing external packages using different OS.

I practiced finally with the git submodule and it looks exactly what I
So it's very easy to upgrade packages that are already using git, and
they keep the same version that is on the server.

For the others that don't use git maybe I could
- mirror them on github updating from time to time (there are already
 many of these mirrors on github)
- add the mirrors as submodule

But like this I risk to end up having too many project, but I don't see
any other clean way to accomplish this...

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