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Re: character encoding EMACS + WINDOWS +SHELL

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: character encoding EMACS + WINDOWS +SHELL
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 20:52:58 +0200

Am 10.08.2010 um 17:48 schrieb Pablo Mercader Alcántara:

8. why is that instead of "coño" I get "co±o"??, I read the manual already (the powerful emac's manual) encoding, decoding, "International Character Support page 186 and i still don't get it, I think is related to the windows
shell encoding ?...

Which is the encoding that Notepad uses for saving the file? Imagine Notepad saves the file in codepage 437. The word coño will consist of these four bytes:


In code page 850 and 858 it will be the same, but in codepage 1252 it will be:


The F1 byte is in code pages 437, 850, and 858 the PLUS-MINUS SIGN ±... (the other two bytes don't change their meaning, they stay c or o resp.)

So we can explain what is presented to you that Notepad presumingly saves the file in CP1252 and GNU Emacs opens it in CP858 or such. The byte F1, formerly presented to you as ñ is now, according to the new encoding use to interpret the byte values, is now presented to you as ±.

In GNU Emacs you have the option to open the Options menu, go to Mule (Multilingual Environment) and traverse into Set Coding Systems and then either choose "For Next Command (C-x RET c)" to open the file in the encoding you now input in mini-buffer or, when you have the file already open, choose "For Reverting This File Now (C-x RET r)" and input the new encoding. GNU Emacs will present you the file's bytes according to this new encoding.

10 I type "EDIT.COM prueba.txt", puff ! the same "co±o", ..., is there some way to fix this? to display the right character "ñ"? (I'm sure there is some
way!) how??

See the documentation of environment variables. In UNIX, GNU Emacs understands LC_CTYPE and LANG. In Elisp you can set instead:

        (prefer-coding-system   'windows-1252)



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