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Re: 'ediff-buffers' on ubuntu netbook edition

From: Joel James Adamson
Subject: Re: 'ediff-buffers' on ubuntu netbook edition
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 09:41:57 -0400
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Tom Roche <> writes:

> summary: when running `M-x ediff-buffers` on 23.1 on ubuntu netbook
> edition, buffer="*Ediff Control Panel*" is
> + visible
> - not reachable from the OS
> + reachable from emacs via `C-x 5 b`
> Is there a workaround? Is this a known bug?

Hi Tom,

Which window manager are you using?  What do you mean by "not
reachable?"  If Ubuntu Netbook Edition maximizes the Emacs frame, the
ediff-control-panel may end up beneath the active frame.

You can customize this behavior with

M-x customize-group RET ediff-window RET

Look at the variable `ediff-window-setup-function'.  You can customize
it so that everything stays in one frame, which is probably best with
limited screen space.


Joel J. Adamson
FSF Member #8164

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