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Re: Emacs and JDEE : opinions sought.

From: Richard Riley
Subject: Re: Emacs and JDEE : opinions sought.
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 01:45:04 +0200
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Jim Crossley <> writes:

> Richard Riley <> writes:
>> Could someone familiar wit Java advise me about the status of JDEE?
> It's kinda dead, though I think Paul Landes is trying to revive it.
> Pray for him. :)


>> Is it usable?
> Kinda
>> How well integrated is it with Semantic for example for Java class
>> method/member completion possibly using ac-source-semantic with
>> auto-complete?
> Kinda. Sorta.

I have it loaded but the strangest thing : I can not for the life of me
get auto-complete-mode on for jde mode even with a call to
(auto-complete-mode t) in the c-mode-common-hook which is called when
loading a .java file. I can turn it on by calling that function from the
minibuffer after the java file is opened however. And then completion on
classes etc was fine.

>> Basically, is it worth the effort of learning and using Emacs for
>> Java?
> No, probably not.  Not now.  It doesn't support 1.5 things like generics
> and static imports.

Could you elaborate a little what you mean by "support"? I can still
type these things. Do you mean in terms of completion and refactoring

>> Any hints or tips with regard to Java development in Emacs much
>> appreciated as I really want to stay from eclipse if at all possible.
> Yeah, I hear you, brother.
> I use Emacs for Java development, limping along mostly with JTags and
> locate (mdfind on osx) and occasinally (but rarely) jdibug.  JTags does
> most everything I ever counted on JDEE to do, so it may be enough for
> you. 
>> I realise I could download it and try it but not being a seasoned Java
>> programmes I feel I'm not really equipped to rate it.
> Unless you *really* love Emacs and *really* hate Eclipse, you should use
> Eclipse for Java development.

I do really dislike Eclipse. I tried IntelliJ which is a lot snappier BUT
its 230 dollars for a single user license if I want to use the Android
toolkit which is a tad steep. Today I got emacs compiling via ant and
uploading to an android emulator and debugging with jdb via DDMS so I
would prefer to stick with emacs to be honest.

> I should also mention malamar-mode, and he just committed some stuff
> today, so perhaps it's coming along nicely.  I like the direction he's
> heading, so check it out.

I will do. Thanks for the reply.

> Good luck!
> Jim

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