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Re: More emacs instances

From: Richard Riley
Subject: Re: More emacs instances
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 16:35:55 +0200
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Andrea Crotti <> writes:

> Memnon Anon <> writes:
>> Hi,
>> I know that alot of people actually use this solution (different
>> instances of emacs).
>> I however really prefer to work in just one instance (with different
>> frames from time to time) and rather "fix" the parts that make emacs
>> feel unresponsive.
>> Here are some of the solutions I came up with:
>>   Mail:    msmtp+fetchmail
>>   News:    leafnode [you know gmane, right?!]
>>   IRC etc: bitlbee
>> I have a decent, but really not 'state of the art' machine (Pentium III,
>> 1.2 Mhz,512 Mb Ram), but with these external helpers, emacs performs
>> flawlessly. 
>> Memnon
> Ah yes I like this solution also and yes sure I know gmane, I'm using
> it also now.
> Even though I'm still not able to use it very well.
> On many mailing lists it doesn't I can't post even if I'm subscribed...
> And I also use fetchmail for some servers and I like it a lot.
> Would you have an example of this configuration (even in private)?
> Thanks a lot

I used to prefer getmail.

I had a small cronjob which calls this:-

| #!/bin/bash
| host=$(hostname)
| mailserver=""
| if [ $host != "" ]
| then
|     echo "Doing remote call to mailserver $mailserver"
|     ssh $mailserver /home/shamrock/bin/getmails
|     exit
| fi
| cmd="getmail -l -a -q"
| for file in ~/.getmail/*.rc; do
|     cmd="$cmd --rcfile $file "
| done
| $cmd

man getmail for the account rc file formats.

But then I discovered offlineimap. Now I run offlineimap every ten
minutes or so which stores imap email from gmail into local maildirs and
I connect gnus directly to them. Fast and efficient. And easily
"cloneable" on my laptops.

This article proved useful :-

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