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Prefix-Arg (non-interactive!) in Info

From: Memnon Anon
Subject: Prefix-Arg (non-interactive!) in Info
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 16:37:04 +0200
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[ Fairly long mail, questions are at the very bottom.]

Someone had a fairly easy question on the orgmode ml:

,----[ Message-ID: <> ]
| I'd like to bind `C-u C-c C-x C-i' to the <f10> key in emacs 23.

So, I thought this should be easy to find in the Info documentation and 
started looking through the relevant documentation via the indices, and
plain repeated `C-s' for things like C-u, universal argument etc.

But it was surprisingly difficult to find an answer to a simple
question: How do I non-interactively! pass a prefix argument to a

On the one hand, it strengthened my remembrance, that C-u =
argument of 4, C-u C-u = argument of 16 etc, but I found no way how to
put this into good use; first tries in *scratch* failed.

On the contrary, this FAQ entry suggested another way and put me on the
wrong track for a minute or two:

,----[ (info "(efaq)Replying to the sender of a message") ]
| 12.6 How can I force Rmail to reply to the sender of a message, but not the 
other recipients?
| Ron Isaacson <> says: When you hit <r> to reply
| in Rmail, by default it CCs all of the original recipients (everyone on
! the original `To' and `CC' lists). With a prefix argument (i.e., typing
! `C-u' before <r>), it replies only to the sender.  However, going
! through the whole `C-u' business every time you want to reply is a
! pain.  This is the best fix I've been able to come up with:
|      (defun rmail-reply-t ()
|        "Reply only to the sender of the current message. (See rmail-reply.)"
|        (interactive)
!        (rmail-reply t))
|      (add-hook 'rmail-mode-hook
|        (lambda ()
|          (define-key rmail-mode-map "r" 'rmail-reply-t)
|          (define-key rmail-mode-map "R" 'rmail-reply)))
( Thinking: "C-u = Argument t?!" Nah, this can not be right, can it?
  But this other guy [Message ID: <>]
  suggested exactly that ...")

I finally gave up and went to google, where I found the right(?)

,----[ ]
| (define-key c++-mode-map [(f6)] (definteractive (comment-region '(4)))) 
| [...]
| definteractive declares an anonymous function at point with the body
! containing a call to comment region with argument '(4), which is the
! Lisp representation for the C-u prefix argument.

Up to now, I was not only able to find such information in Info, I even
found them easily and quicker than with google, so I am wondering:

      Did I miss a crucial Info page? (I think so, but ... which?)
      If not, is this worth a wishlist bug against the documentation?
      If so, where would you suggest to put this information?


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