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Re: Send mails to group of email addresses in bbdb, When C-x m (compose-

From: filebat Mark
Subject: Re: Send mails to group of email addresses in bbdb, When C-x m (compose-mail)
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 00:54:24 +0800

Well, there must be something error in other point.
I also tried message-tab, and it give no hint for the alias.

I will debug message-tab function to see which variable is incorrect.

Thanks for your help, Richard. Any suggestion is welcome.


On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 12:47 AM, Richard Riley <> wrote:
filebat Mark <> writes:

> What function is binded in your *Message* mode, Richard?
> Mine is yas/expand, which seems don't know the alias list.

Actually this was a surprise for me :- yasnippets tentacles seem to be
everywhere ...

| TAB runs the command yas/expand, which is an alias for
| `yas/expand-from-trigger-key' in `yasnippet.el'.
| It is bound to TAB, <menu-bar> <YASnippet> <Expand trigger>.
| (yas/expand &optional FIELD)
| Expand a snippet before point. If no snippet
| expansion is possible, call command `message-tab'.
| Optional argument FIELD is for non-interactive use and is an
| object satisfying `yas/field-p' to restrict the expansion to.

Anyway it defaults back to message-tab which does the job.

Thanks & Regards

Denny Zhang

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