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RE: When Zoom out font, don't enlarge the weight of font

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: When Zoom out font, don't enlarge the weight of font
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 07:52:41 -0700

> When I zoom out font by "M-x text-scale-increase",  fonts become too
> bold. Is there any way to make sure the weight of font is not 
> enlarged so heavily?
> I noticed that when I trigger "text-scale-increase", only 
> fonset changes.
> Say, change from "-outline-Lucida Sans
> Typewriter-normal-normal-normal-mono-15-*-*-*-c-*-iso8859-1 (#x10)"
> to "-outline-Lucida Sans
> Typewriter-normal-normal-normal-mono-18-*-*-*-c-*-iso8859-1 (#x10)"
> I tried to change the font step from 1.2 to 1.1 like below. It looks
> better, but doesn't solve my problem.
> (set-default 'text-scale-mode-step 1.1)

Someone else may be able to help better. I would suggest finding more info:

What happens when those two fonts are displayed outside Emacs? Does the 18pt
font look bold then also?

What happens if you change the font for the frame instead of using
`text-scale-increase'? E.g. set the `font' frame parameter.

Depending on the answers, you might need to report an Emacs bug (e.g. if the
problem comes only from `text-scale-increase'.

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