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Re: Buffers and frames

From: Bernardo
Subject: Re: Buffers and frames
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 21:54:36 +1000
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Maybe I'm peculiar, but what I would like to do is kind of "lock" some
buffers to frames (or maybe I mean the opposite, I'm not sure). That is,
I would like to only be offered certain buffers when list-buffers is run
in a certain frame. Possible?

For example, I want to have gnus and only gnus in one frame, my php
editing buffers (and only...) in another frame, and so on.

I'm wondering if I could somehow use ido to do this (ido-ignore-buffers)
but it looks like that might be rather long winded. Ideally I would
simply like buffers opened in one frame to only be visible in that one
frame (perhaps with a way of "forcing" all buffers to be visible on a
case by case basis).

as Drew suggested, Dedicated Windows is probably the place to start looking;
this snippet was posted on the list some time ago:

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