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Re: Emacs slow away from home

From: Daniel Pittman
Subject: Re: Emacs slow away from home
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 18:03:12 +1000
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Ron House <> writes:

> I have been using emacs on my laptop under linux for a long time, but I have
> just noticed that if I open emacs when I am away from home, it takes something
> like 2 minutes or more to start up.  At home it is a second or two.

DNS on your laptop is broken: Emacs is trying to resolve something, probably
the FQDN to an address, or the address to an FQDN, that takes that long to

This would be equally true of any other service that tried the same
translation, but you don't notice because little other desktop class software
does perform that check.

At a guess.

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