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Re: File local variable name containing colon?

From: Dan Davison
Subject: Re: File local variable name containing colon?
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 15:37:14 -0400
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Kevin Rodgers <> writes:

> Dan Davison wrote:
>> This is valid elisp:
>> (setq var:name 'value)
>> But this doesn't work because the colon causes confusion:
>> # Local Variables:
>> # var:name: value
>> # End:
>> Any way round this?
> I would try this:
> # Local Variables:
> # var\:name: value
> # End:

Hi Kevin,

Yes, I did try that before posting. But it results in

File local-variables error: (end-of-file)

I also tried surrounding in double quotes "var:name", which results in
the same error.


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