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OT (was: Filtering files in dired while invoking)

From: Drew Adams
Subject: OT (was: Filtering files in dired while invoking)
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 23:18:53 -0700

> > PS: I have noticed this before, for some reason most of your replies
> > don't arrive in my mailbox and I end up reading them from 
> the archive!
> Dunno why, but I got a cannot-deliver return from the mailman 
> for my reply to you.  For some reason, your mail address did
> not work - from my end at least.

FYI - Here's the mail-problem message I get back.  Dunno if it's a problem from
my mail client or from a mail server.

Diagnostic-Code: SMTP;
 555 5.5.4 XDETAIL parameter unrecognized

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