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RE: bug in dired / dired-listing-switches

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: bug in dired / dired-listing-switches
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 18:31:59 -0700

> I tried to experiment with --group-directories-first
> I set dired-listing-switches to
> "--group-directories-first -gGh"
> This "works" but shows the following strange behavior
> Although hitting s in the dired buffer correctly switches
> the sorting between "by name" and "by date", the mode line
> always says "by date".
> I was going to "report-emacs-bug" but wondered if my setting of dired
> listing switches is invalid.  For one thing it doesn't contain -l (-g
> essentially gives that).  Should I be filing a bug?
> This behavior occurs with emacs -Q

The doc string of `dired-listing-switches' says that you must include `-l' - as
you probably read.  So all bets are off if you do not do that.

But especially if it "works" anyway, I would say file a bug report.  The Emacs
developers will clarify whether it is in fact a bug, and will perhaps tweak the
product or the doc based on the details you report, in the interest of clarity.

Use `M-x send-emacs-bug-report', and start from `emacs -Q'.

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