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Problem with grep in Emacs 23.2

From: Shenli Zhu
Subject: Problem with grep in Emacs 23.2
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2010 19:32:28 +0800


In Emacs 23.1, to grep,
(1) M-x grep,
(2) change grep-command "grep -i -nH -e \"re\" -r \"/home/username/\" --include=\"*.*\"" to what I want.
All works well.

But in Emacs 23.2, after step(1), Emacs will fork a grep subprocess which take all CPU resource and I have to kill it.

I trace the code, there is a function grep-compute-defaults, seems to check the system info and set some initial values. It will call grep-probe to run some small test(grep English in the file Hello in Emacs).

But my grep-command cause Emacs/grep-probe into a non responsive state.

I don't want to change grep-command, how can I skip grep-probe?


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