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grep-find with Polish letters in Windows

From: Andrzej Skiba
Subject: grep-find with Polish letters in Windows
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 13:02:30 +0200

I have the following function to search my projects with grep-find:

(defun as/grep-project (project pattern)
  (interactive "sProject: \nsPattern: ")
    (grep-find (concat
                   "/usr/bin/find /cygdrive/c/projects/"
                   " -type f "
                   " -not -name \"*.svn-base\" "
                   "-and -not -name \"*.tmp\" "
                   "-and -not -name \"*.log\" -print0 "
                   "| xargs -0 -e grep -U -n -s -F \""

All works great until I try to search for a word with Polish letters (such as ą, ś, ć, ł, ń etc.). The files are all utf-8. When I run the command searching for string "Usuń" in project test I get the following output in the grep buffer:

/usr/bin/find /cygdrive/c/projects/test -type f -not -name "*.svn-base" -and -not -name "*.tmp" -and -not -name "*.log" -print0 | xargs -0 -e grep -U -n -s -F "Usuń"
/usr/bin/bash: /usr/bin/find /cygdrive/c/projects/test -type f -not -name "*.svn-base" -and -not -name "*.tmp" -and -not -name "*.log" -print0 | xargs -0 -e grep -U -n -s -F "Usuń": No such file or directory

It runs fine with any input without Polish characters.

The find command works fine in a regular window shell as well as cygwin bash. 

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help, regards,

Andrzej Skiba

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