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RE: cheatsheets in emacs

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: cheatsheets in emacs
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 21:01:01 -0700

> There is this ruby utility cheat (see )
> that allows one to make/use cheatsheets using ruby. The format of the
> cheatsheet is yml.
> I feel that it should be possible to replace ruby by emacs and the
> yaml format by org-mode
> Does anything like this exist?
> There is of course a third aspect to the ruby solution -- providing
> web-available cheatsheets (see )
> This I am currently not asking for because I am only trying to track
> my own findings in a manageable way

Hi Rustom,

Maybe this helps (dunno)?

Or maybe you are looking for an Emacs function that _generates_ cheat sheets?
In that case, `C-h m' and `C-h b' come to mind.  Or if you want to know/print
the bindings of a particular keymap (by name), `C-h M-k' from library
help-fns+.el does that (

FWIW - Personally, I've never seen much utility in cheat sheets for Emacs.  I
confess that I did make some for myself when I was a newbie, but I never really
bothered with them after I discovered Emacs's integrated help (`C-h m', `C-h b',
`C-h k', `C-h w', `C-h a', `M-x apropos', etc.).  No doubt the _act of making_
such a sheet manually can help one learn some keys, but beyond that I don't see
much point in them.  Just one opinion, of course.

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