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emacsclient and tabs in the aquaemacs

From: Michael Chen
Subject: emacsclient and tabs in the aquaemacs
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 16:55:51 -0400

Dear there,

I wrote the following script file "gusek":

set -x
glpsol -m $1.mod --wcpxlp $1.lp -o $1.sol --bounds $1.bnd
emacsclient   $1.lp $1.sol $1.bnd

and use M-x compile, followed by
gusek filename.mod

I hoped my aquamacs will show the three files generated from "glpsol".
But aquamacs didn't show them. c-x c-b shows the three files, though
there is no tab for any of them. I used emacsclient from a terminal,
and aquamacs shows a tab immediately. I guess there is a deep reason
on sub-shell. Anybody can explain to me? or suggestions on how to open
and reload new files automatically? the auto-revert every 5 or 1
second just seems not bearable for me.

Best regards,
Michael Chen

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