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Re: [emacs] tabs, spaces, and indentation

From: Steve Revilak
Subject: Re: [emacs] tabs, spaces, and indentation
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2010 22:08:01 -0400
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From: Nerius Landys

The current default behavior that I am experiencing is as follows:

1. When I hit the Tab key, it indents the current line at the correct
indentation level.  Existing Tabs are preserved but spaces might be added.
2. When I complete some syntax on a line, such as adding a semicolon or
closing a paren, it indents the line for me automatically.

The behavior for this particular mode of operation that would be nice is as

1. Hitting the Tab key places a literal Tab character in my file.  That is
2. I notice that sometimes when I complete a like (e.g. adding a semicolon
or adding a paren) it auto-indents for me.  I want to turn this off

CC-mode gives you a lot of options for controlling indentation.

  M-x Info-goto-node RET (ccmode)Commands RET

The subsections "Indentation commands", "Minor Modes" and "Electric
keys" will probably be the most relevant for what you're trying to

For (1) something like

 (setq c-basic-offset 8
       indent-tabs-mode t
       c-insert-tab-function 'tab-to-tab-stop)

 (setq c-syntactic-indentation nil) ; maybe, or maybe not this one

should be close to the behavior you're looking for.

For (2), try

  (c-toggle-electric-state -1)


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