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Re: Flymake hanging with C

From: Andrea Crotti
Subject: Re: Flymake hanging with C
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2010 15:35:08 +0200
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Andrea Crotti <> writes:
> Actually I just had to read better, it's enough to create in the
> makefile a target like
> check-syntax:
>       gcc -o nul -S ${CHK_SOURCES}
> but I still don't get how to make it more general, maybe with some
> buffer variables.
> I don't always have the possibility to add my own targets to the
> Makefile and/or is not so easy sometimes...

So I added this simple line in a bigger project and of course nothing
I tried then to modify the function manually to execute "make" only
instead, and everything hangs and I have to kill brutally Emacs...

It would be really useful, any idea how to fix that?

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