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Re: S-tab translated to C-y on a mac?

From: Andrea Crotti
Subject: Re: S-tab translated to C-y on a mac?
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 14:52:21 +0200
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Daniel Pittman <> writes:
> So, since I am not the only person who cares: I went looking, and found two
> things:
> First, the translation is stored in a *copy* of `ns-alternatives-map',
> accessible only between the `local-function-key-map' and its parent, injected
> there during frame setup.
> This will remove the initial translation:
>   (define-key (keymap-parent local-function-key-map) [S-tab] nil)
> I don't see why that keymap is cloned, but whatever.
> Second, if I just add this my binding actually works:
>   (global-set-key [S-tab] #'tab-to-tab-stop)
>, my problem is solved. :)
>         Daniel

Works like a charm, thanks a lot!
Maybe should we write it on the devel list since I guess is a bug?

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