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emacs 23 display slow over cable modem

From: Strozzi, David J.
Subject: emacs 23 display slow over cable modem
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 23:01:44 -0700
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I compiled emacs 23.2.1 in my home dir on a linux cluster (amd 64 chips) at
work.  I connect over VPN from home, where I have a cable modem.  For a long
time, emacs 21.4 *run as an xwindows app* (not "emacs -nw" living in a
terminal) has performed fine - after it starts (which may take some time),
typing, switching buffers, etc is pretty instant.  But, doing the same thing
in 23.2 gives much slower response.  Both work fine in -nw mode, but there
are some reasons (keyboard mappings, multi-windows, mouse) why I like the
full xwin app.  From my office, both xwin's run very fast.

Any ideas on why?  I just do text, no image stuff in emacs.  I'd really like
to use emacs 23, remotely, the full xwin app, and have the speed be like
emacs 21.

David Strozzi

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