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Re: greek writing language and keybindings

From: Dimitrios Apostolou
Subject: Re: greek writing language and keybindings
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 05:59:32 +0300 (EEST)
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Hi, thanks for your reply

I should note that I am already writing greek perfectly in emacs, and I am switching languages using the X server shortcut I have chosen for every X application with the following command, and I wouldn't like to change that:

setxkbmap us,el -option "grp:shifts_toggle"

The problem is that I have to switch back to english for the default keybindings to work, which is very irritating!

On Thu, 28 Oct 2010, ken wrote:
Though I'm not the list's expert, I have dabbled in some languages with
emacs.  From what I've found, there's two steps.  One is to set the
buffer's language environment.  UTF-8 works for many different
languages, Greek included.  Select UTF-8 for the current buffer by
clicking on "Options", "MULE", and "Set Language Environment", then "URF-8".

I am using emacs 23 and there is a little "U" at the lower left corner of the emacs window, doesn't that mean that UTF-8 is selected by default?

Next, in order to be able to type in Greek characters, you need to set
the input method.  Do this for the current buffer by clicking on
"Options", "MULE", and "Select Input Method".  In the minibuffer type
"gr", then hit Tab (C-i) and you'll see several Greek input methods.
You'll have to play around with these to find the one(s) you prefer.

Thanks for the suggestion, I tried that and indeed emacs keybindings work fine like that. But that requires switching languages within emacs with C-\, overriding the setxkbmap command. Is there a better way?

Thanks, Dimitris

P.S. On a sidenote, maybe this is related to my emacs being compiled with GTK+ disabled and Motif toolkit enabled? Can someone with a GTK+ enabled emacs test whether keybindings work, when a non-latin language is enabled?

After you find what works for you, then of course you can put something
in your ~/.emacs, but I don't know what that would be.


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