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emacsclient -c: Mouse jumps to new frame

From: Stefan
Subject: emacsclient -c: Mouse jumps to new frame
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2011 09:04:23 +0200
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Hi, I'm having two problems with newly created frames when running ‘emacsclient
-c <file>’:

Situation: A new frame is created (as intended), and the mouse jumps to the
top-right corner of the new frame.

I'd like emacs to leave my mouse where it is, because quite often I continue
typing in the terminal, and don't want to be bothered wich having to change the

Situation: When a buffer visiting the file already exists, a new frame is
created (as intended). If the existing buffer was shown in /another/ frame, the
/new/ frame contains *scratch* (basically useless), and the mouse jumps to the
/old/ frame. If the existing buffer was not shown in any frame, the new frame
displays that buffer.

I'd like the new frame to display the existing buffer in any case. I would also
like to see point at the beginning of the file.

I'm pretty sure these things can be configured, but I could not find the right
place. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Stefan Klinger                                      o/klettern
                                                    /\/  bis zum
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