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Re: emacs 23.3 with no X window

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: emacs 23.3 with no X window
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2011 10:37:25 +0200

Am 19.08.2011 um 23:50 schrieb Jai Dayal:

> That isn't in the INSTALL file.  Do you have any suggestions on how to do
> that?

Make the current working directory in *shell* buffer (or such) that with the 
root of the GNU Emacs sources. The configure script must be here. Or open this 
directory in dired-mode. Then type M-x compile RET, erase the default text in 
mini-buffer and type instead: ./configure <your usual options> RET. A 
*compilation* buffer will open. It is read-only and searchable. Search for text 
like 'checking for library containing tputs...'. You can also search for this 
text in the file config.log. Around this line you'll find the cause why 
libncurses was not found or found to be unusable. Then, based on these 
findings, make the configure script find (an usable) libncurses. If you have no 
idea, then read a bit in GNU Emacs' info-mode about configure and gcc. In order 
to find libncurses the C compiler needs to find the corresponding C header 
files (presumingly not that important, maybe unused, performed with arguments 
to the -I switch) and particularly the library file itself. With the switch -L 
you can point the C compiler to a directory containing the shared (or dynamic) 
library's file, presumingly /usr/lib or /Developer/SDKs/<SDK's name>/usr/lib.



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