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Re: Helping out users who asks questions elsewhere

From: Le Wang
Subject: Re: Helping out users who asks questions elsewhere
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2011 00:10:24 +0800

I've felt StackOverflow creep up on me from all sides for a while now.
 In my heart, though, I've been skeptical of the whole Q/A website
thing, and what their plans are to monetize the content, so I've
resisted StackExchange in deference to the canonical Emacs help forum

However, I learned recently that StackOverflow and StackExchange were
started by Joel Spolsky (a name you should know if you're in
software).  After watching the google tech talk by Joel, I think I can
trust it.

The site is a lot better than a mailing list for answering specific
questions.  The right answer bubbles up through voting, so you don't
have to dig through the whole thread.  And anyone can edit answers if
they spot a bug.  Like a wiki with voting.

On Sat, Aug 20, 2011 at 12:34 AM, Tom <> wrote:
> If you are in the mood the help out other Emacs users, but there
> are no open questions here then you can check the open
> questions on StackExchange:
> The questions which don't have a gray box around the answer count
> have no accepted answer, so even if a question has an answer
> you can add your own answer to improve on the previous answers.
> Registration is not required to answer questions.


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