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Re: C preprocessor defines not taken into account by Cedet/Semantic

From: Abdellatif El Khlifi
Subject: Re: C preprocessor defines not taken into account by Cedet/Semantic
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2011 21:30:27 +0100

Is there a way to tell to CEDET, don't use your preprocessor. I've the mine. And then I give the gcc command line I want (already tested on my project and do preprocessing correctly) ?

On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 6:02 PM, Richard Riley <> wrote:
Steve Revilak <> writes:

>>From: Abdellatif El Khlifi
>>I am trying to use Emacs as an IDE in my Linux kernel development projects.
>>So I installed CEDET and GNU Global (gtags) with no problems.
>>When I open a C source code belonging to my Linux kernel source folder, the
>>linux project is detected automatically. Functions, variables, headers and
>>other keywords are highlighted correctly.
>>Through the ~/.emacs file I configured semantic's code completion and
>>intellisense. So when I press C-<SPC> the code completion menu appears and I
>>can choose what's needed.
>>The issue is when I use preprocessor defines, the intellisense system shows
>>the menu on the current location but doesn't detect the right things when
>>invoked (C-<SPC>). Even I close and restart emacs the same behavior is
> I thought that global didn't index preprocessor defines.

No, but Cedet should/could/does. It parses the C++ itself.

Abdellatif El Khlifi

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