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Re: Emacs as C++-IDE

From: S Boucher
Subject: Re: Emacs as C++-IDE
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2011 10:05:49 -0700 (PDT)

>In what way is GUD not on par with the debugging capabilities of Eclipse?  I 
>find Eclipse wastes screen real estate unnecessarily, 

Note: I use gdb ui (multi-window)

Stability comes to mind.  gud sometimes get's confused with what is going on in 
the *gud* buffer, and the other gud windows get all out of wack.

When using multiple frame, gud is rather unintuitive as to where the new file 
gets shown.

You can't simply hover over a variable with the mouse to see it's value.

Debugging multiple processes is not well integrated in gud.

As for Eclipse's use of the screen real estate, there's plenty of flexibility 
to not display what you do not care for.

As I said, I'm a full time Emacs user, and have mostly been since as far back 
as Emacs 18.59... but I happen to enjoy a good visual integration of the 

If you reduce the discussion to "capabilities", then the gdb command line is on 
par with Eclipse's "capabilities".  But I feel bad for the colleagues who use 
vim, and the gdb command line (and they feel a bit silly to be using the gdb 
command line).

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