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Re: Getting Hunspell working properly in Linux

From: Rasmus
Subject: Re: Getting Hunspell working properly in Linux
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2011 01:36:13 +0200
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Hi Teemu,

>> I use wcheck
> Me too.

I would have taken you for a hardcore ispell.el'er :)

> I see that you are using an old version of wcheck-mode. There's nothing
> wrong with that. I'll just point out that the version released a couple
> of months ago has more versatile wcheck-actions feature that supersedes
> wcheck-spelling-suggestions. Any kind of actions can be programmed for
> marked text, not just spelling suggestions. Configuring for Ispell-like
> spelling suggestions is still pretty much the same.

Thanks for pointing out the new wcheck version.  I'd totally missed it.

I have been playing a little bit with wcheck, and I have a question. Is
it possible to combine dictionaries?  For example combining a whitespace
dictionary with a human language dictionary?

I have been trying to mix up an English+ dictionary which would not only
offer spelling suggestions, but also highlight lack of double-space
after periods etc.  If two dictionaries can be activated simultaneously
it would probably be easy to combine a regexp dictionary and an enchant
dictionary, but this does not seem possible.  From
wcheck-language-data-defaults it also seems that the regexp fields are
used for other stuff by default.  Do you have any good ideas on how to
archive this?

Thanks for wcheck!


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