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emacs latex mode, color highlighting only

From: Marco Grazzi
Subject: emacs latex mode, color highlighting only
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 13:22:03 +0200

Dear Emacs users,

I recently switched from Xemacs to Emacs.

On Xemacs, it was possible to get color only highlighting (no font),
for instance with the mouse
Options -> Syntax highlighting -> (selecting color only, and not font)

So far I could only enable/disable the fonts&color highlighting jointly,
with M-x font-lock-mode or global-font-lock-mode

I would really like to have color only highlighting in Latex (for
rectangular pasting it is pretty useful not have the characters
changing size).

Is it possible? Also through customization of the .emacs would much useful

thank you in advance,


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