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Re: Debug technique for comint, need stdin/stdout logger.

From: Oleksandr Gavenko
Subject: Re: Debug technique for comint, need stdin/stdout logger.
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 01:12:55 +0300
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07.09.2011 17:32, Oleksandr Gavenko пишет:
When work with Emacs comint I need logger for stdin/stdout process

So I change name of calling program in Emacs
and that logger/script call original command and log
stdin and stdout to files.

I try write expect script:
I get working one.

It is used to debug interaction with Cygwin Python in 'python-mode'.

Expect come with all Linuxes and available under Cygwin...

#!/usr/bin/env expect

set in [open logger_in.log w]
set out [open logger_out.log w]

set timeout 3600
log_user 0
set stty_init {-echo}
# exp_internal 1

set cli [open logger_cli.log w]
foreach arg "$argv" {
    puts $cli $arg
close $cli
eval spawn python2.6.exe $argv
set proc_id $spawn_id

expect {
    -i $user_spawn_id -re (.+)\r?\n {
        puts -nonewline $in $expect_out(buffer)
        send -i $proc_id $expect_out(1,string)\n
    } eof {
        send -i $proc_id \x04
        sleep 1
        send -i $proc_id \x04
        expect -i $proc_id -re .+ {
            puts -nonewline $out $expect_out(buffer)
            send_user $expect_out(buffer)
        } eof { }
    } -i $proc_id -re .+ {
        puts -nonewline $out $expect_out(buffer)
        send_user $expect_out(buffer)
    } eof { }
close $in
close $out

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