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Re: launching a perl script

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: Re: launching a perl script
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 10:05:37 +0200
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Am 21.09.2011 14:54, schrieb Mart Zirnask:
Hello everybody,

Probably an issue not very complicated: when I try to launch an
external Perl script ("") from Emacs, providing it with the
current buffer name, the editor freezes.

I'm on Windows and here's what I have in my .emacs:

;; Perl tagcloud
(global-set-key (kbd "<f2>")
                       (lambda ()
                         (shell-command (concat "perl
~/.emacs.d/ " buffer-file-name))))

I'm not a programmer and I started using Emacs for text editing only
recently. What's wrong?

Thanks for any help,
Mart Zirnask,
from Estonia


assume the file is locked by your buffer, so if perl trys to change, it fails.

BTW open Emacs and try to access the file, see what happens.

If you want to change the current content, shell-command-on-region should DTRT.



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