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Re: Buffer-local compilation-error-regexp-alist

From: Ian Zimmerman
Subject: Re: Buffer-local compilation-error-regexp-alist
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 13:49:48 -0700
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Nikolai> Hi!  How can I set up a buffer-local
Nikolai> compilation-error-regexp-alist?

>> Why?

Nikolai> Because otherwise rules for other languages get in the way.
Nikolai> The gnu definition tends to match way too much, at least for
Nikolai> the output that I am dealing with in one of my modes.  Still,
Nikolai> the gnu definition makes sense for some other modes.

So, why not globally prepend the match for your very special compiler?
The matching is from head to tail ...

That's what lisp packages for some exotic languages do.  If this is not
good enough, here's what I would do: define your own nikolai-compile and
nikolai-next-error functions that just call the normal versions, but
with compilation-error-regexp-alist bound locally (with a let).  Then
you can either replace the normal keybindings with your functions or add
separate keybindings.

Ian Zimmerman
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