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compacting buffer-undo-list

From: Le Wang
Subject: compacting buffer-undo-list
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2011 00:23:47 +0800


In rebox2, I do a lot of erasing and recreating box borders, often the new border is exactly the same as the previous.  For example if text is pasted into a box, rebox2 will first unbox the region, yank, and rebox.  This means that a lot of not very useful changes gets put into the undo-list.  With modern machines, it's not a huge concern, but I would like to make this more efficient.

How can I minimize this?  For example is there a way to take a snapshot of a region (A) and a new region (B), and create the minimal number of edit steps that gets A->B?  Or even better would be if I can leave a marker on the undo-list and say compact undo from now back to the marker.


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