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Avoiding/removing the Async Shell Command buffer

From: Buchs, Kevin
Subject: Avoiding/removing the Async Shell Command buffer
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2011 11:19:27 -0500

In gnuemacs 23, I have a shell command I want to run asynchronously but I want it to not open an output buffer (except perhaps if there is an error - but that is quite unlikely). Could someone suggest an approach to solving this? Does it take creation of a custom async-shell-command variant?


I have tried implementing some commands to remove that buffer, but it fails and prompts me to be sure I want to kill the buffer. Here is what I have tried:


(defun org-doc ()

   "Open PDF for Org Mode"


   (async-shell-command (concat custom-dir "/org-7.7/doc/org.pdf"))

   ; like to have it put away the *Async Shell Command* buffer

   (let ( (process (get-buffer-process "*Async Shell Command*")) )

      (kill-process process))

   (kill-buffer "*Async Shell Command*"))


Does anyone see any *mistakes* in that code?


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