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starter kit settings

From: Lachlan Deck
Subject: starter kit settings
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 11:34:00 +1000

Hi all,

(no emacs guru here)

I've tried switching over to using the starter kit recently and have a couple 
of questions, as it's a bit different to the standard emacs setup.

Firstly, opening menu items seemingly uses the IDO package. However pressing 
F10 or M-~ shows in the footer:
Menu bar (up/down to change, PgUp to menu): f===>File

getting to the other menu items only works for me by backspacing over 
'f===>File' where I can then cycle through, via ido, the rest. It's quite 

However, what's worse is that when I select an item I simply get:
Wrong type argument: symbolp, (history . 20)

Is there a way to fix this or restore the default functionality of eclipse for 
this particular feature such that the menu items pop up in a buffer for easy 


Lachlan Deck

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