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Re: how to input Eszett ('ß')?

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: Re: how to input Eszett ('ß')?
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2011 20:29:15 +0100
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ken <> writes:

> Thanks, Michael.  Great thing.  But then how does one then return to
> the previous input method?
> Note: when I do Mx- describe-input-method, the minibuffer prompt says
> Describe input method (default, current choice):
> If I then hit RET, I get Debugger telling me "No input method is
> activated now".

You obviously started with no input method active (that is the default,
I think).  That's why `describe-input-method' gave an error.  If you
have selected your input method with

   `C-x <RET> C-\ METHOD <RET>'

it is also activated.  `C-\' toggles between enabled and disabled.  So,
to return to the previous state, just hit C-\.

BTW, this is described in the Emacs manual, under

  International > Input Methods


  International > Select Input Method

-- Michael.

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