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ps-print-buffer-with-faces & COLOR [Windows 7]

From: William BC Crandall
Subject: ps-print-buffer-with-faces & COLOR [Windows 7]
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2011 18:39:17 -0800

First off, many Thanks to Vinicius Latorre for maintaining 
ps-print, and to all who have helped make it great!

ps-print has given me everything I want, print-wise,
except for color, which remains stuck in gray-scale. 

The ps-print portion of my init.el is below. 

PostScript files *look* correct, I think,
(with: C-u M-x ps-print-buffer-with-faces).

For example, the first two lines of

    #+FILETAGS: SCRIPT         [on screen: brick red]
    * Morning Startup          [on screen: blue]

--------------------------[ line 1280]:

0 BeginPage
/f0 F
false BG
0.000 0.000 0.000 FG
0.698 0.133 0.133 FG            << RGB: brick red ?
0.000 0.000 1.000 FG            << RGB: solid blue
(* Morning Startup) S
0.000 0.000 0.000 FG


So it seems to me that ps-print-buffer-with-faces
DOES get the colors correct, but they translate to
grays (two different grays) when it actually prints.

Any ideas on how to fix this or discover more?

Thanks again,


William BC Crandall

-------------------------------------------------- [init.el]

;; Syntax highlighting 
(if (fboundp 'global-font-lock-mode)
    (global-font-lock-mode 1))
(setq-default font-lock-maximum-decoration 3) ; max: 3


;; Printing
(require 'ps-print)
(setq printer-name '"USB001")
(setq ps-printer-name t)
(setq ps-lpr-command "g:/dev/bin/ghostscript/gs9.04/bin/gswin64c.exe")
(setq ps-lpr-switches '("-q" "-dNOPAUSE" "-dBATCH"
;; Add Consolas 
(setq ps-font-info-database
          (fonts (normal    . "Consolas")
                 (bold        . "Consolas-Bold")
                 (italic      . "Consolas-Italic")
                 (bold-italic . "Consolas-Bold-Italic"))
          (size           . 11.0)
          (line-height    . 13.0)
          (space-width    . 6.04688)
          (avg-char-width . 6.04688)))
(setq ps-font-family 'Consolas)
(setq ps-font-size 11)

;; Print in color
(setq-default ps-print-color-p t)

;; Page layout: Header [file-name     2011-12-07]
;;              Footer [                     n/m]

;; Header
(setq ps-header-lines 1)
(setq ps-header-font-size 11)
(setq ps-header-title-font-size 11)
(setq ps-header-font-family 'Consolas)
(setq ps-right-header '(ps-time-stamp-yyyy-mm-dd))
(setq ps-print-header-frame nil)        ; no box top

;; Footer
(setq ps-footer-lines 1)
(setq ps-footer-font-size 11)
(setq ps-footer-font-family 'Consolas)
(setq ps-print-footer t)
(setq ps-left-footer nil)
(setq ps-right-footer (list "/pagenumberstring load"))
(setq ps-footer-offset .50)
(setq ps-footer-line-pad .50)
(setq ps-print-footer-frame nil)        ; no box bottom

-------------------------------------------------------- [eof]


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