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Emacs and New Athena Unicode font

From: Robert B. Gozzoli
Subject: Emacs and New Athena Unicode font
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2011 05:49:06 +0700

Dear List members,
I am an Egyptologist using Emacs. As for my work, I need some
transliteration fonts, and New Athena Unicode is the one I am using
for my researches. I am using for my book in LaTeX, just for
information. The problem is that I want to set the default font in
Emacs as New Athena Unicode (the font can be retrieved at:

But as soon as I set as default font, the window is actually shrunk,
please see attachment.
I am on Windows 7, Home version, and this happens also for my netbook
and PC, so it is not a machine related problem. I do not know how to
go over the problem itself, or if some of the members have experiences
something similar with other fonts.

Any help will be appreciated. I have tried to set up a similar font,
but the results are similar. It can be this an Windows problem for the
Emacs version only, and Linux version and Mac is working fine. I do
not have a Mac to try and my working system is in Windows.

All the best,

Roberto Gozzoli,
Siam University

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