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Gnus: How to simplify file attachments?

From: Marius Hofert
Subject: Gnus: How to simplify file attachments?
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 21:02:49 +0100
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I use C-c C-a to attach files (e.g., a pdf file) in Gnus v5.13. I am then asked:
1) "Content type (default application/pdf):"
2) "One line description:"
3) "Disposition (default attachment):"
... so quite a lot of questions. Is there any way to just get the default
answers to these three questions set and not being asked when attaching files?
For example, one gets the same behavior if one used the following to attach
1) M-x dired
2) mark all attachments via "m"
3) C-c C-m C-a 
=> no question is asked.



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